Our passion is artisan cheese and quality wine, predominantly from Périgord, but also from the rest of France and beyond. We set up Planches et Plonk to be able to share our enthusiasm with others.

We’re Damon Biddlecombe and Graham Welch (Damon’s the one with the beard). Together, we bring our years of customer service to make sure you enjoy your time with us.

Damon Biddlecombe and Graham Welch, Planches et Plonk, Belvès, Dordogne, A New Life in the Sun

Damon is our cheese connoisseur – his passion and knowledge will help you savour a Cabicou, enjoy a Cantal and devour a Comté. He’s spent time learning how the make cheese with the Sussex Cheese School, based at England’s renowned High Weald Dairy.

He has a background in tourism and retail.

Graham is our wine expert – he’s a qualified French Wine Scholar who knows his Bergeracs from his Bordeaux and his Burgundies. He holds the globally recognised Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 3 qualification and has also studied with the Guild of Fine Food.

He has a background in journalism and corporate communications.

We enjoy meeting new people and having guests to stay. For us, the most important thing is that your time with us is as enjoyable as it can be – whether you’re here for a few days or just taking a moment’s break.

If you’re wondering about the name Planches et Plonk, we chose it as it’s half-French and half-English. A planche, if you aren’t sure, is a platter. And plonk, well, you don’t need us to tell you what that is!

Written by Graham Welch

Co-owner of Planches et Plonk, a cheese and wine bar and chambres d’hôtes in Belvès, officially one of France’s most beautiful villages, in Dordogne.


    1. Hi Debra, Sorry for the slow reply — only just received the alert that you’d left a message. It’s 75 euros a night for the Pécharmant room, and 65 euros for the Rosette room.

      1. Thank you for your reply. One other clarification… are those year round prices, or are you only open in peak season. We might be coming in November…

      2. No, we’ll offer different rates out of season — and don’t worry, we’ll be open year round. I’ll drop you an email once we’re closed this evening.

  1. Hi both, the venue looks fantastic and you look very very happy (and fantastic too)! I wish you all the best, Stefanie

  2. Hi, the venue looks fantastic and you look very happy (and fantastic too)! Good luck and all the best!

  3. I visited yesterday , what a find , the wine bar is beautiful , the food and wine is fantastic , a lovely selection of cheeses , meats and Bread ,

    The Guys are very welcoming , and there knowledge of their produce is amazing .

    Thank you Guys I will be back very soon .

    Tom 🍷

  4. Just saw the article on you and your new place. Congrats. It sounds fantastic. Actually, my husband and I are looking for a second home in Belves. Right now we live in Mexico and are just waiting, and waiting and waiting to be able to travel and do some house searching. How do you like Belves? Would be great to hear from you. Joseph McClain. Josephmcclain2@hotmail.com

  5. Congratulations to you both! This concept is a great idea!
    We are a British family living in NC at the moment and are moving permanently to Monplaisant in two weeks. So very excited!
    I can’t wait to head over to Planches & Plonk ! Are you in the main square area with the covered market?
    Looking forward to meeting you soon
    Jane & Matt Smith

    1. Oh wow! How exciting! We’re on the high street, rue Jacques Manchotte, opposite le Médiéval restaurant. Come and say hello when you get a chance. À bientôt!

  6. Graham- a long way from Westminster and even Hanover. When this wretched virus is over we’ll make every effort to get your way. A brilliant venture, good luck and warmest regards , KEN.

    1. Ah, thanks, Ken. You’re right, it’s been quite a journey! Really enjoying our new lives here. Hope all is good with you.

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